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C'mon cheer up

by R girl on 09/07/14

     If you find yourself feeling down or in a funk the best thing you can do to pull yourself out of it is to do a good deed for someone else. I can't remember where I first heard those words of wisdom, but I know I have followed that advice and repeated it to friends and family many times. It's amazing how doing something kind for someone else can bring joy and peace of mind to both the giver and the receiver of the good deed. 

     Here's the best part:  you don't need to wait until you're feeling down to do something kind for someone else. What if you think of someone in your life who could use some help or some cheering up and make it your business to fulfill a need for that person?   Do you know someone who is lonely, bored, or unhealthy?  Any of those conditions can be remedied by a simple visit from you. If you bring some fresh fruits or vegetables from your garden all the better!
       Make a commitment to yourself.  This week pick one person who you want to do something for and then do it.  Notice how you feel before and after your good deed.  I think you may suddenly have a new understanding of the saying:  It is in giving that we receive. 

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