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Change your habits and change your life

by R girl on 01/09/16

I recently heard one of my favorite radio talk show hosts make the comment "Life is a series of habits."  I let that sink in for awhile then realized that if you want to change your life, you need only change your habits. That doesn't sound too daunting does it?  It's a matter of giving up bad habits and cultivating good ones.

 Look carefully at how you spend your day.  Do you check email, facebook, instagram etc constantly? Are you mindlessly browsing on your electronic devices when you could be doing something more productive?  That's a fairly easy habit to drop.  Just decide how much time you want to spend on your computer and set a limit. Use the left over time to develop a new (better) habit.

Do you find yourself rushing around in the morning? Are you  always on the brink of being late for work or school? Develop the habit of getting up 30 minutes earlier each day.  You will give yourself the time to get ready without the stress of rushing through your morning.  Shedding the daily stress that starts out so many days is a habit that will pay off with better health and a happier disposition. 

Obviously these are just random examples.  Think about the ways you spend your time. Consider where you could make changes and improvements to your life. 
Pick just one habit that you either want to develop or one that you want to drop and really focus on it for the next 30 days.   See what happens when you take baby steps to change your life. 

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