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The teachable moment-

by R girl on 11/21/15

     As the fifth grade teacher in a public school, it is my responsibility to have two students raise and lower the the American flag in front of the school office every school day. Its a privilege, and  my students look forward to the days they get to do it.  

     Last Monday morning, just days after the terrorist attacks in France, I got a call in my classroom asking me to send two students down to the office to lower the flag to half mast  as a symbol of our mourning the tragedy in France. So of course I had to explain to my fifth graders what all this meant, which led to prolonged  discussion about the terrorism that had taken place. I can tell you, it's very difficult to put into words what happened and what it all means. 
     One student asked why we lowered our flag, considering the attack was in France.  Teachable moment!  I told my students, "Think back to the  history of the Revolutionary War that you have already learned. What country most helped the colonists defeat Great Britain? What country sent money, supplies,  troops, military trainers?" It started to sink in. 
       It's very sad when you have to teach young children about terrorism.  There's a fine line between informing them and frightening them.  I was  careful not to cross that line, but everyday last week there was a silent reminder right out in front of their school office.  God Bless America.

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