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Up on a pedestal

by R girl on 06/14/14

     I have some very good friends and family members who seem to have it all together. They are thoughtful, generous, honest, hardworking, selfless, smart,  fun to be with, you get the idea. I was thinking aloud one day, and telling my daughter how truly blessed I feel to have these people in my life.  She said something I will never forget.

 "Mom instead of putting so and so on a pedestal, why don't you climb up there with her?" 
     What?  You mean instead of observing and admiring the qualities of others I should try to imitate them?  Honestly, this simple question made me stop and think.  It's so easy to look at others and give them credit for the good they do.  But that mindset puts distance between us and the people we admire. We put them on a pedestal.  They are up there and we're down here.  The truth is, there's no good reason not to climb up on the pedestal with them.  We have already recognized what it is about them that makes them extraordinary. So why not cultivate those traits in ourselves?
     That's my plan.  I'm going to stop just admiring the good qualities in others and start imitating them also.  There's room up on the pedestal for you too. 

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